Remedial Design and Foundation Re-Use

GTR provides a highly specialized service involving evaluating the re-use potential of existing foundations. This specialty service encompasses numerous skill sets including performance and interpretation of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques, each requiring a high degree of skill and experience, an understanding of forensic engineering, and knowledge and design experience with all kinds of deep foundation systems.  GTR has been involved in many projects where re-using the foundations not only provided significant cost savings to the Owner, but also allows for a sustainable solution by reducing the project carbon footprint.

GTR also specializes in analyzing and performing remedial design solutions for driven piles and drilled foundations.  Typically, remedial design is necessary where issues arise during deep foundation construction.  By applying our extensive experience with foundation design, NDT, and understanding of construction processes, GTR has developed remedial measures and designs to repair numerous drilled shaft and driven pile foundations resulting in significant cost savings to our contractor clients, while reducing potential schedule delays.  GTR works with some of the largest contractors and subcontractors in the world to keep their foundation projects on track when difficulties arise.

  • Evaluating the cause for pre-cast concrete pile damage
  • Perform NDT and redesigning drilled shafts to satisfy loading requirements in their as-built condition
  • Minimizing H-pile damage and improving pile drivability through increased testing
  • Using drilled micropiles and other structural methods in combination with the existing drilled shafts to carry the project loads
  • Performing NDT and exposing timber piles for re-use in a bridge replacement
  • Carrying out load testing and NDT to re-use pipe piles and mandrel driven piles supporting wharfs.
  • Evaluating and re-engineering H-pile soldier piles and steel sheeting to be reused in excavation support systems.
  • Testing and evaluating drilled shaft and pressure injected footings below building and garage structures for re-use and incorporation into the foundation.

Examples of Remedial Design and Foundation Re-Use