NJDOT Route 46 Bridge over Passaic River

This bridge project involved the replacement of the Route 46 Eastbound Bridge over the Passaic River.  The replacement bridge is founded on twenty (20) 36-inch diameter drilled shafts which were installed by Keller North America for the support of the Abutments and Piers. 

Keller NA engaged GTR to develop a project specific Drilled Shaft Remediation Plan, perform Cross-hole Sonic Logging (CSL), Cross-hole Tomography (CT) and perform Concrete Core Inspection on two drilled shafts where anomalies were observed in the initial CSL and Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) results.  Concrete coring was required to investigate anomalies in two drilled shafts.  GTR provided a remediation plan that included concrete coring to investigate anomalies, high pressure flushing of the anomalous zone, and shaft repair with high strength grout.  GTR performed confirmatory CSL and CT testing before and after grouting to ensure that the zone was repaired.  Based on our analyses, NJDOT approved the drilled shafts in their as-built condition, thereby keeping the project on schedule.

Project: NJDOT Route 46 Passaic Ave over Passaic River

Client: Keller North America

Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation

Location: Township of Wayne, New Jersey

Year(s): 2021

Services: Drilled Shaft Testing, Analysis and Remediation Planning Services