Construction Engineering Services

GTR provides construction engineering services for public and private sector projects throughout the Northeast during the pre-construction and construction phases. These design services include temporary bridge foundations and ramps for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, trestle design for crane and rig support/access, crane mat pressure analysis, wave and sound walls, load test frames, marine falsework systems, and earth support systems.  Our designs consider our client’s needs, whether its re-using existing materials, staging to meet a construction schedule or sequence, or incorporating a unique construction approach, we deliver efficient and dependable designs. 

GTR provides a significant benefit to the client through our extensive experience and engineering expertise related to the evaluation, interpretation, and proper implementation of test results to incorporate into our designs. GTR also provides third party construction oversight through earthwork, deep foundation inspection and drilled and driven testing services. Our experience and familiarity with construction methods ensures our clients a constructible solution.

  • Braced and Cantilever Soldier Piles and/or Sheeting
  • Permanent and Temporary Soil Nail Walls and Secant Pile Walls
  • Temporary Bridge Abutment and Foundation Design
  • Traditional Pit Underpinning and Micropile/Helical Pile Underpinning
  • Load Frame Design
  • Crane Mat Bearing Pressure Analysis
  • Trestle Structure and Foundation Design
  • Marine Structure Falsework Design
  • Inspection of Drilled and Driven Deep Foundation Elements
  • Subgrade and Underpinning Inspection
  • Pre and Post Construction Surveys