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Geosciences Testing and Research, Inc. (GTR) was founded in 1995 as full service geotechnical construction consulting company and along with our sister company Foundation Engineering Services DPC. (FES) we are able to serve our clients from Maine to Southern New Jersey. Along with this region we have completed multiple projects as far West as Hawaii, as far South as Florida and internationally in Jamaica, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. GTR provides foundation engineering and geotechnical consulting services and specializes in design, instrumentation, testing, soil structure interaction and research of foundations.  

Our services have been utilized during the design, construction, and post construction phases of geotechnical projects for both public and private agencies. GTR is currently involved in or has recently completed some of the largest federally supported public work projects in the USA. GTR personnel have a strong academic/research background with geotechnical experience, including foundation design, construction engineering, instrumentation, and testing. Our clients include public agencies, research agencies, engineers, general contractors, deep foundation contractors, architects, and developers in the US and overseas.

GTR has a unique perspective to geotechnical consulting that is based on years of heavy/civil construction experience. This experience has allowed us to provide value engineering and construction engineering services to our construction clients and has also enabled us to provide practical and feasible foundation designs for design/build projects. GTR has specialized experience in deep foundation testing for capacity determination and integrity testing. This specialty has allowed our clients to re-use previously installed foundations and save costs on the overall foundation construction. In addition to these specialty services, we have, and are actively developing, our own software, hardware, and methods for improving the design and reducing the cost of constructing foundations.

GTR also has performed the research to allow the FHWA to re-write the current code for LRFD design of deep foundations. Our research has led to the development of new specifications (AASHTO LRFD Edition 17) that all US highway departments use to design their roads and bridge structures. This familiarity with and development of the FHWA code has allowed GTR to remain as the forefront of LRFD design of foundations

The private and public engineering and construction market places are being pressured by multiple sources, including the economic downturn, new design philosophies and constantly changing technologies. To continue to thrive as a business, GTR must be able to understand these pressures, adapt to them, and utilize them for the benefit of our clients and to the public. GTR has developed a group of niche geotechnical engineering services and capabilities that are in demand by our clients. Our continued mastery of these services and understanding of our client’s needs are what sets GTR apart from its competitors.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide specialty foundation consulting and testing services for owners, engineering firms and construction companies, by developing our own methods, performing cutting edge research, and at the same time applying practical solutions not easily achievable by others.

Our Vision
GTR provides a unique technical experience and solutions based practice based on a non-traditional design approach. We began offering engineering services for contractor’s (Foundation Construction Engineering) and moved to providing design services for engineer’s (Foundation Design). This unique approach enables our solutions to be easily constructible and cost efficient, which benefits the owner as well as all parties involved in the project. This approach works extremely well with Design/Build (D/B) projects, where the contractor, engineer, and owner must all work together as equal stakeholders in the project. We envision that D/B projects will become increasingly more common-place and GTR has used this philosophy to position ourselves to be at the forefront of this design/build environment in the future.
To further provide our clients an additional value they cannot get elsewhere, GTR also performs research related to our practice. This research has allowed us to modify the foundation portion of building codes (such as AASHTO) so that they are using the latest techniques and data available for foundation design. In addition GTR is actively developing our own software, hardware, and methods for improving the design and reducing the cost of constructing foundations.

The combination of our practical, construction based experience with our cutting edge research endeavors allows GTR to provide a rare suite of geotechnical and foundation engineering services for contractors and engineers worldwide.


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